At Purina®

Pets are our



They’re the ones inspiring us to be leaders in science and nutrition.

We invest in investigation to help pets have a longer and healthier life. That’s the reason why the quality of our ingredients and pet formulas is the best, and the reason why we’re a company 100% dedicated to pet care.

At PURINA® we share your passion, and we will never stop looking for new ways to improve your pet’s life.

Our Processes

When you look at a bag of pet food, have you ever wondered who’s responsible for what goes inside? And how it’s possible to put enough nutrition inside to sustain active dogs?

Eric, Production Manager, Black Lab owner and father of three, has been with Purina for 10 years. All along the line there are people like Eric making sure each ingredient is rigorously tested and screened for purity and quality before it ever makes it into a bag with our name on it.

Eric notes that at each point in the process, there’s a quality check, but examining the product doesn’t stop with the quality team. “We have a quality department, but everybody in the factory has the ability and the obligation to point out quality issues and to stop the line if we need to.”

While safety and quality are paramount, nutrition is every bit as important. Pets thrive on a balanced variety of nutrition—from vitamins and minerals to protein and carbohydrate. And they get all that from Purina’s complete and balanced pet foods.

But as Eric is quick to point out, “All the nutrition in the world doesn’t do much if your pet isn’t willing to eat it. Which is why there are lots of studies and sampling that go into making sure our food is both nutritious and desirable, because you really need to have both.”

When you stop and think about it, healthy dogs and cats may eat the same dog food for most of their lives. We take that as both an enormous responsibility and a labor of love to ensure they’re getting everything they need in a safe, very high quality meal that your pets enjoy eating.

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