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Pets are our



They’re the ones inspiring us to be leaders in science and nutrition.

We invest in investigation to help pets have a longer and healthier life. That’s the reason why the quality of our ingredients and pet formulas is the best, and the reason why we’re a company 100% dedicated to pet care.

At PURINA® we share your passion, and we will never stop looking for new ways to improve your pet’s life.

The Environment

We are committed to preserve our planet. Learn more about our initiatives regarding environmental care!

Employee Culture

Changing the way we work to improve our environmental impact isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s a part of who we are at Purina. Caring for our pets and our planet shapes our everyday actions. For instance, in 2011, Purina employee volunteers implemented a single-stream recycling program, where all recyclables are placed in a single bin, at our headquarters in St. Louis. This one idea nearly doubled the volume of materials we recycle there from more than 40 tons recycled in the first half of 2011, before single-stream, to over 80 tons recycled for the same period in 2012, with single-stream recycling.

40+ Tons Recycled January - July of 2011

80+Tons Recycled January - July of 2012

Purina’s employee volunteers, known as the “GreenPaws” team, help their colleagues at the St. Louis Headquarters raise their environmental awareness. They have also volunteered to collect recyclables at some St. Louis Cardinals games, and helped their neighbors become more environmentally aware with an effort by the team to revitalize the historic Soulard Community Garden.

Follow Our Journey

You love your pets and you want a safe and clean environment where you can play together for years to come. We understand that because we’re pet owners too.

That’s why, at Purina, we are committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of our operations and our products so that they will be better for the environment throughout their life cycle. We take that responsibility seriously. Don’t forget to check back on these pages regularly for updates on our efforts!



At Purina, we've been making high-quality and nutritious pet products for more than 80 years. We're passionate about pets and the people who love them. That’s why we’re continuously working to use the earth's resources more efficiently and to further improve our impact on the environment.

We believe that the essence of sustainability is learning to live within the boundaries of nature. By finding new ways to do so, we can supply high-quality and nutritious products while improving our impact on the Earth.

Now, we want to share some of the positive steps we are taking to improve our environmental performance, although we acknowledge there is still much left to do.


We believe that the steps we are taking today will make us stronger in the future and will allow us to improve our environmental performance through our actions. This starts with identifying opportunities and designing smarter and more efficient systems. Our associates have taken on this challenge with passion and pride. We don't have all of the answers, but with the help of experts from many areas, we are making progress.


· Prioritizing and managing what matters most in terms of our environmental impact, based on facts.

· Looking across our company for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste and conserve resources.

· Working up and down our supply chain to responsibly source our high quality ingredients.

· Adición de tecnología sensible a la lluvia para sistemas de irrigación.

· Learning from others, including our customers, environmental organizations, retailers and companies in other industries.

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